At Hayden Royal, we believe that leveraging technology allows our advisors to gain information quickly and efficiently. Implicit in this statement is not that we think technology will replace our advisors, but rather improve their capabilities and understanding of certain aspects of the client’s overall portfolio. We feel that having this type of knowledge at our advisor’s fingertips allows them to more appropriately facilitate our client’s ability to more confidently engage with their goals and long-term life plans.

Envestnet provides advanced research, integrated analytics, and expert advisory support to help build winning portfolios and recommendations.

MoneyGuidePro software will bring your clients financial future into focus with a clear and sophisticated plan.

Our CRM software enables a responsive, intuitive, and flexible service solution for your clients’ needs.

Until recently, advisors employed at the large, wire house institutions could take advantage of the masses and focus on their competitive edge. Technology. The Independent advisors housed at smaller, more nimble organizations were forced to compromise certain tools, technology, and smaller back office support. Today, we are laser focused on changing that by offering a fully integrated platform that provides front facing support from prospecting, to fully integrated client service.