Hayden Royal understands that Investment Management is just one piece of building and obtaining wealth. With this in mind, our network of experts provides advisors with specialized resources. Our professionals concentrate in the field of insurance services, tax planning, liability structuring, real estate strategies, and estate planning. This allows us to create and maintain a true wealth management plan encompassing risk management and asset retention. These are what we believe to be the essential elements of generational wealth building.

six pillars of building a Legacy

investment management

With Passive, Hybrid & Tactical Models available, we provide proven investment tools designed to accommodate almost any risk profile. Optionally, our internal research team is able to build custom and creative models that are strategically tailored to a client’s specific needs, we do this by taking advantage of our OCIO (Outsourced Chief Investment Officer’s) concierge services.

Liability Structuring

By reviewing our client’s debt profiles, we can ensure we are managing any liquidity requirements that are outlined in their Investment Policy Statement and are doing so without compromising their growth needs and goals. Leveraging assets through our network often allows competitive rates that a client may not be made aware of through the conventional lenders.

Insurance services

Periodic policy reviews ensure client insurance coverage takes advantage of the latest tax laws and any newly created tax situations. Through our hand selected network of providers, we bring advanced insurance strategies to the table designed to take full advantage of the ever-changing legal and taxable landscape.

Real estate strategies

Analyzing client’s current real-estate holdings ensures we are taking advantage of changing property markets and up to date lending options. We provide guidance and access to a handful of fully vetted Real-Estate managers and projects to best fit client needs.

tax planning

Client tax strategy should be tailored to his or her unique circumstances. By blending all available vehicles; including Charitable Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Business Buy/Sell Agreements, as well as many other tailored options. We explain, illustrate and coach on strategies custom-made to specific clients and work hand in hand with both regional and national tax attorneys and certificated public accountants.

estate planning

Our Estate Planning Strategies focus on the generational transfer of our client’s wealth. We believe poor strategic planning can be detrimental to a client’s estate, even worse, documents containing legacy legislation. Each individual’s strategy and process should be periodically reviewed, as our client’s estate situation changes. We follow new legislation and seek opportunities for optimization. With access to regional and national estate planning attorneys, we craft multi-faceted strategies that align and work to accomplish our client goals.